A Note About Using the Blog and the Lectionary...

With the coming of December and Advent we have started a new liturgical year and thus lectionary cycle.  A new year means new patterns and new opportunities for prayer and devotion...

In case you aren't using the daily lectionary and want to, there is a great app put together by our PCUSA denomination.  It's called Daily Prayer and I've included a link to download it here.  It works well with smart phones as a simple but effective tool to pray daily using the words of scripture and the ancient practice of daily prayer.

I am going to take a suggestion from a reader to work one day ahead of time in writing a daily devotion corresponding to the daily lectionary.  So if you subscribe to the blog and receive it by email, hold on to that email for a day or so to read my thoughts about the daily gospel reading.  If you aren't praying a daily prayer, well then you can just read it anytime and that's great too.

My hope for this work is that it adds something to your daily journey of faith and life.  If you have other suggestions on how I can improve the blog, send me a message at chris@hpcnashville.org.

May God truly bless you and yours with the peace of Christ in this new year and always!


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