In Between Peace and Joy

A reading for Saturday, December 14, 2013: Matthew 24:1-14

Last Sunday in the season of Advent was the Sunday dedicated to peace, and this Sunday we use the pink candle to help us identify the theme of joy.  In between these themes, peace and joy, there is the scripture lesson from Matthew today about the Temple, and the Messiah, and wars and the Kingdom of God.  In the end our gospel calls us to endure somewhere between peace and joy until the Kingdom is fully realized.  

In the midst of the season of peace and joy, where do we stand as those that endure to follow Jesus even with suffering and loss and conflict and chaos?  Because even in such a season of birth and incarnation as this, there is still a cross that looms...

I was reminded of a sermon I preached in September of this year at our semi-annual gathering with our sister church Spruce Street Baptist church in downtown Nashville.  It was titled, "Not Even the King."  I wonder if you might have a few minutes to listen to a hope for peace and joy in the midst of struggle.  

Click on the link:

Let there be peace on Earth... and let it begin with you and me.


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