Feeding Again?

A reading for Friday, January 10, 2014:  John 6:1-14

If we are fortunate enough, most of us eat at least three meals per day.  Each time, it would appear, we have just eaten a few hours before.  Yet we eat again and again.  If we are fortunate enough, that's what our body requires.  Most of us even enjoy it again and again over a lifetime.

If we are just as fortunate, we read the same stories from scripture over and over.  Even if we have just read the story, or even just discovered it for the first time, it seems the same story comes back again. Yet it is just as nourishing to our faith and life again.

The story today from John about the feeding is a very, very familiar story for most Christians.  It is just as nourishing as it was the first time we heard it.  It's what our faith requires today.  Most of us will even enjoy it again and again over a lifetime.  Thank you God...


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