Reversing the Parable

A reading for Wednesday, March 19, 2014: Mark 4:1-20.

It's a very familiar parable. Try looking at it from the other direction to see if there is something for us to learn today. Let's reverse the parable...

The Christian life is a life of intentionality. It's not a complicated life, but one that does require careful thought and deliberate action. Following Christ leads us to peace in our own lives, and a commitment to peace for others. This is the fruit we bear. To become all God desires.

But beware of those things that will lead us away from peace. Wealth, comfort, power and control will not deliver the peace that God desires. These are the things that kill peace. As they grow in us, peace will not thrive and might not even survive.

Remember that the Christian life takes time to develop and bear fruit. It's not a quick fix or instant gratification. Those that are impatient in seeking peace will discover that peace might seem healthy and strong for a while, but soon it will whither away and die. Let it grow over time. Don't rush it if you want lasting peace.

Evil is present in our world. Evil does not abide peace. Evil will look for every chance to steal away peace and leave us deceived and lost. Evil does not want us to become all that God desires. Evil is the enemy of peace.

Jesus taught.

“Let anyone with ears to hear listen!”


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