When God Changes Your Life

A reading for Saturday, March 22, 2014: Mark 5:1-20.

Truth is, not everybody will be happy when God changes your life.

People get used to us. They may even love us as a family member or close friend. If we have lived with something that needs transforming, an addiction or a dysfunctional attitude, some people that know us are connected with that part of us. To them, that's who we are.

Then God changes your life, and suddenly the connection is lost. People who like to get drunk with you lose the connection when you don't do that anymore. The person you are co-dependent on may not like that you are independent or even dependent on Christ. Change causes a break in the connection, even if it's not a healthy connection, and some people might not like that.

The temptation is to walk away from our friends and family members. We need to be healed, right?

Jesus says this to the Gerasene Demoniac... “Go home to your friends, and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and what mercy he has shown you.”

As hard as it is, sometimes we need to continue to offer ourselves to those that are not happy with us. We are called to be faithful in telling them what God has done for us. Truth is God might be trying to change their life too.


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