Returning Home

A reading for Monday, April 7, 2014: Mark 9:30-41.

Jesus returns home to Capernaum. He and the disciples had been out on the road doing the mission of God, preaching, teaching and healing. Now they are home again, and we learn from Jesus what is to take place in his betrayal, trial and crucifixion. It's a turning point in the story.

Returning home often invites us to reflect on where we have been and where we are going. Returning home can be a turning point.

The disciples have ideas about what they have seen and done. What does it mean? They are thinking about being important and who's in and who's out. Will we be well known? Shouldn't we keep the credit and not share the power of Jesus with others we can't control? They are honest questions.

Jesus reminds them that the mission of God is not about such things. God is saving the world through the grace and power of Christ, and their part as disciples is to simply receive it with the excitement of a child. Most children don't think in terms of fame and exclusion until they are taught such things by adults. They are simply excited to be part of the joy.

Yesterday our Guatemala mission team shared the experience of this year's trip. It was a chance to reflect on where we had been and what we had been doing. Returning home can be a turning point.

May we who made such a journey and those who heard the good news of that mission simply receive the grace of Christ as if we were children. Protect us from thoughts of greatness and ideas of exclusion. May we all simply be excited to be part of the joy.


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