The Longer Ending

A reading for Tuesday, April 22, 2014: Mark 16:9-20.

Most scholars agree that verses 9-20 were not part of the original book of Mark. There is resurrection in the original Mark, it simply ends with the women going out and telling no one because they were afraid. The "longer ending," as it is known, was not included.

Why would 9-20 not be part of the original? Four theories have emerged:

1. Mark intended to finish with verse 8.
2. Mark was unable to finish the gospel because he either died or was too ill.
3. Mark wrote an ending following verse 8 but it was lost, perhaps torn off the original scroll.
4. Mark wrote an ending but it was later changed or taken away by some later scribe or theologian.

I love all these theories as sort of a parable about the church and how we react to resurrection. Consider our possible reactions...

1. We can just be finished at Easter. That was good. Enough said.
2. We can find that we are overwhelmed by life and hardship and unable to consider what it means.
3. We can just lose track of our Easter faith. Whoops. Lost it again?
4. We can be convinced by our own selfishness, that something else is better. Money, power, etc.

How will you respond to resurrection? What ending would you choose?

I wonder if that's what Mark had in mind all along...


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