Do Not Be Angry

A reading for Thursday, May 15, 2014: Matthew 5:21-26.

How will others know what you believe and who is the Lord of your life?

When they observe the way you treat others, and the values you exhibit, they will see the Lord. There is a high standard. The highest of commitment to living with others in relationship as if each person belongs to God and deserves respect in the same way.

So therefore, you are not just bound not to kill another as the law commands. You are bound not even to be angry and unreconciled with another. Jesus teaches that to be angry with another is to be liable to judgment. This is not the witness of our Lord Christ. We cannot be angry and burden our Lord with hate.

The way we treat another is our witness, more than what we say. Others will see the way we live and give glory to God in heaven. It's a high standard but truly the way we live out the beatitudes each day, person by person, faith by faith, love by love. Do not be angry with another.

This is how they will know what you believe.


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