A reading for Monday, August 4, 2014: John 1:1-18.

A prologue of a book is the section that provides background details and sets the stage for everything else that is to come after. It's the bait that catches the reader's attention. It's the door that opens the story. It's an invitation to continue to read the book.

Today's lesson is the prologue to John's gospel, the story of Jesus Christ. The details are intended to set the background and invite us in. They are cosmic in scope, and yet intimate as they apply to the audience which is certainly the Jewish community of the second century. John identifies Jesus as Son of God, and contrasts over against Moses. While at the same time, the Word imagery is surely a Greek reference which identifies the story as Gentile just as much. The point is this story is intended for both... for all! This is a story that will invite everyone in.

The point is this. Consider this YOUR invitation into the story, an open door into the salvation that is promised through Christ. Read along with John and all the others that have made this story a part of their lives for almost two thousand years. This is the story of God's Son, the Word made flesh, and it is the most important and greatest story ever told.

Commit right now to make it a part of your life in the days to come. Thanks be to God!


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