Why Galilee?

A reading for Friday, August 1, 2014: Matthew 28:1-10.

Today's lesson is resurrection! The moment we have been awaiting for weeks, and especially through the last few days of abandonment and fear. Todays we hear the angels proclaim, "He has been raised, as he said... indeed he is going ahead of you to Galilee" and suddenly amidst our joy we wonder. Why Galilee?

Why would Jesus not return to Jerusalem? Why not to the Temple steps amidst the religious authorities? Why would the risen Jesus not march right into the palace where Pilate was having breakfast to say, "Surprise! I'm back!" Why Galilee?

Galilee was their hometown. It was the place where the disciples and Jesus had lived and worked for years. It was the place where their families were and where (to the tune of Cheers), everybody knows their name. It was small and unimportant as geography goes, and utterly ordinary... and that's why Galilee.

Our risen Jesus promises to meet them where they live and work. Not in the important places. He will meet them where their families are and where they are known by friends and coworkers. The risen Jesus will meet them in the common ordinary of everyday, where they raise children and work the fields. Galilee is the symbol (over against Jerusalem, the Temple, and the palace) for average, common and everyday.

Resurrection is a big moment in history. No, the biggest moment of all. But isn't it interesting how quickly the message of the heavenly angels turns back into the ordinary. It's truly good news for those of us that live there each and everyday of our lives. He is risen and is with us where we live. Seek him there!

Jesus said "Go and tell my brothers (and sisters) to go to Galilee; there they will see me.”


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