Ancient Urgency

A reading for Monday, October 20, 2014: Luke 9:51-62.

It's hard to imagine the sense of urgency found in our lesson today since our faith is so ancient. Urgency and ancient don't seem to go together.

There is a sense, however, that Jesus is moving more quickly towards fulfilling his mission. He has "set his face to go to Jerusalem." It must have been clear even to the villages he passed through. They do not even offer him the customary and obligatory hospitality of their village. It's clear to everyone that Jesus is moving ahead with urgency.

It's hard for us to create much of a sense of urgency either. Again, how urgent can faith be when it has existed through thousands of years and so many generations have come and gone in its stead. Does urgency really matter?

Perhaps what is urgent is our response to faith so that we might be used by God in real time service to the Kingdom. Maybe what is urgent is our availability to another person that needs a friend or a co-worker to depend upon. What is urgent is being open to the Spirit and its leading today, in a hour, or right this minute.

"O God, what are you up to with us right now?"

Consider these ancient words of faith... maybe even with urgency!


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