Doing Something New

A reading for Wednesday, October 1, 2014: Luke 5:27-39.

Doing something new requires that one first know that it's new and that it's different from the old way of doing things. That seems obvious, but perhaps it's not for everybody.

The Pharisees did not perceive that Jesus was doing something new. Their world view would not accommodate such a thought. Old was the important way, time tested and ancient. Jews do not eat with tax collectors and sinners, everybody knows that... right?

Jesus, however, was inviting sinners to repent and be saved by the grace and mercy of God. Even men like Levi the tax collector were welcome. It was something new, says Jesus, but not everybody understood and were ready to accept it.

Not much has changed. Doing something new today will be met with the same. Not everybody is going to appreciate that it's new and that it's different from the old way. Not everybody is going to accept it.

Do you still want to do something new?


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