Is Jesus Cheating?

A reading for Friday, November 14, 2014: Luke 16:1-9.

Is Jesus applauding dishonesty and cheating? This parable deserves a closer look.

When the owner discovers that the manager has been losing him money, he calls him to make it right. So the manager fixes the books, doing whatever he has to do. He cheats and he is dishonest but all the while he is narrowly focused on one thing. He is making his boss happy.

Jesus notices the persistence of the manager who is willing to go this far in satisfying the owner. What if the children of God were this persistent in making God happy, willing to do whatever they have to to improve God's bottom line?

Why is the NFL so much more effective at gathering a crowd on Sunday than we are? Why will people stand in line for days for a new phone, but there is always plenty of parking at church? What if Starbucks marketed like the church?

What if we were just as persistent in our service to God as our service to other things?


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