Our Prodigal God

A reading for Thursday, November 13, 2014: Luke 15:1-2, 11-32.

Serve the Lord with gladness.... (Psalm 100:2)

Not because we have been given our share of the wealth, or attention, or fame to squander and use as we see fit.

Serve the Lord with gladness....

Not because we realize how far short we have fallen and are able to repent, returning on our knees with humility and honesty.

Serve the Lord with gladness....

Not even because we have always done what is expected of us for all these many years and have earned love in faithfulness.

Serve the Lord with gladness....

Because God our Father has run to us and welcomed us home in spite of all that, wrapping loving arms around us, shouting to others that we have returned, and sharing the abundant blessings of the Kingdom in such wasteful and generous ways.

We serve the Lord with gladness because of what our prodigal God has already done for us with so much imprudent and extravagant joy!


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