Why Vote?

A reading for Tuesday, November 4, 2014: Luke 13:1-9.

When we get frustrated or weary we have a tendency to want to give up. It's certainly understandable. Should we just move on and try and focus our efforts on something else? This is just not working...

Folks come asking Jesus about a tragic and bloody event, when it seems some Galileans were killed by the Roman authorities. Their questions seems to be, "Shouldn't we just give up?" It's hopeless. The powers of evil are just too strong.

But Jesus urges them not to quit, and to seek understanding that is perhaps beyond their view. He tells them a parable about a fig tree planted in the midst of a vineyard that won't yet grow fruit. The point is to try one more time in faithfulness and hope for a different result. Continue to try even if it makes no sense. You can always give up later. That remains an option.

Today is election day. It's a day when some that are frustrated or weary with our political system will want to give up. Why vote? It makes no difference. This is just no working... It's certainly understandable. Why bother? The right person isn't going to win anyway.

Our parable today is not about elections or political systems that were not even invented yet. However, I wonder if we might still hear the lesson for our time. Don't quit. Try again in search of understanding that is beyond our immediate view. Vote. Even for a candidate that won't win. If enough people vote for such candidates, the system will begin to change. It's the hopeful view.

If we give up, well then the outcome is already determined.

Why vote? Because it's the hopeful thing to do...


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