God Shaped Instrument

A reading for Friday, December 19, 2014: John 5:30-47.

It's a simple question Jesus is asking to those that wanted to kill him for what he was teaching about the Sabbath and about how he was God's Son, equal to God:

Are we reading the Word to ourselves to justify ourselves, hoping that by doing so we are the "good people" that God might love over against those that don't have such privileged information?


Are we reading the Word assuming we are already justified in God's eyes, loved and accepted, and then are seeking to be shaped into the instruments that God can use to love the world and all those in it more and more?

Jesus is the fulfillment of everything we read in Scripture. Jesus doesn't make us right and everybody else wrong. Jesus offers us a God-shaped life, like his, to be used by God to love the world and all those in it more and more.


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