A reading for Tuesday, December 23, 2014: Luke 1:57-66.

Sometimes the greatest act of faith is simply obedience. It doesn't require creativity or knowledge of something unique. There are no preparations to be made. There is no special gifting that allows a person to be obedient. Either we are or we are not...

Obedience requires simply listening to the Holy Spirit and doing what we are commanded. Without thinking about it too much or too long, we simply act. We do what is expected of us. Even if we aren't sure, we do it anyway in obedience.

Zechariah, the father of John, is our example today. First he was not obedient. Then he was obedient. We are able to do the same. Even if we have not been obedient. Today we can be obedient. Even if we have been silent. Today we can speak.

One other thing. The name John in Hebrew means, "God is gracious; has shown favor." God does not ask us to do anything God has not already done for us.


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