Bread In The Desert

A reading for Tuesday, February 3, 2015: Mark 8:1-10.

His disciples replied, “How can one feed these people with bread here in the desert?”

It comes down to one simple question. Do you believe the world is a good place, all of it, even the desert? Or do you believe that the world is a scary, fearful place where nothing good can happen?

The disciples are still living in an imagination that believes that only good things come from certain places, for example the Temple in Jerusalem. Perhaps this story in Mark is a reference from the first century church, when it is believed that there were seven churches corresponding to the seven loaves?

What do we have to nourish and sustain the people is the question that Jesus is asking? Jesus has compassion for those that have been following. Jesus reminds them they have the goodness and grace of God in Heaven who can do anything from anyplace in providing for his people. God is God over all the earth, even the desert. God provides for all God's people, even those among the seven new churches following in the way of Jesus Christ.

And the scriptures say there were seven baskets of left-overs once all were fed and full. There was more than enough of God's grace to go around. The abundance of God is more than enough for us and those we care about.

If you find yourself in the desert today, and I'm not talking about a hot place with sand, then ask the Lord to provide what you need for the journey home. The abundance of God is all we need.


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