Cutting Off and Tearing Out?

A reading for Tuesday, February 10, 2015: Mark 9:42-50.

How grateful we are that scripture is intended to be interpreted through and with the power of the Holy Spirit and not literal. Since all of us have had our hands, our feet, and our eye cause us to stumble, we would be condemned by a today's lesson. How many of us have caused a child to stumble? Especially those of us that have children of our own that we are trying and raise in the faith.  I am a pretty good swimmer, but would stand no chance with a great millstone around my neck...

So because we are so grateful for the grace and the mercy we have been shown in Christ Jesus, we are to "salt" the world with such good news. Salt changes the flavor of food. It preserves it. Salt has a purpose and so do we. We that know the power of God to forgive our sin, and keep us with all our hands and feet and eyes, are to tell others that they too are forgiven in Christ Jesus. This is the road to peace. The way to abundance. This is our way of life.

Know that you are forgiven, and be a peace!


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