Creation or Transformation?

A reading for Monday, May 4, 2015: Luke 7:36-50.

Margaret Wertheim, science writer and founder of the Institute for Figuring, recently said in an interview that most of us are far more comfortable with the God of creation, than we are with the God of transformation.

We can look up and wonder at the stars, or down at the simple beauty of a blooming flower, and we can understand that some higher being must have ordered and formed all we know. Most of us, even most scientists, are easily convinced of a supreme creative power.

However, when it comes to transformation things get a little more rickety. Perhaps it is our own experience in trying to change bad habits, or even adopt new ones. We try and we try and yet we still aren't able to change. The scale still goes too high. We just can't seem to find time to pray, even though we know we should. Our patience with someone we love just doesn't hold out as long as we want. Change is elusive and hard to stick to...

The gospel says that Jesus came to transform the world more and more into the image that God created. Creation and transformation are inexorably linked. They are one and the same thing. The woman who anoints Jesus feet and dries them with her hair seems to understand this. She wallows in the creators power to change her life, and believe beyond all odds that she can be changed. Notice, I said she can BE changed.

Perhaps our problem with transformation is that we have disconnected it with the very same power of God to place the stars and to order the universe. If God can do all that, surely God can re-create us into the creature we were truly created to be. It is God who does the transformation, not us.

Or maybe we are like the Pharisee in the story who doesn't believe he needs any change. Perhaps we should look again. "But the one to whom little is forgiven, loves little." Forgiveness demonstrates the power of God to create and to re-create. It is less a statement about us and our worthiness, as it is an ability to fully embrace the love of God in Christ Jesus. The Pharisee is not generous or loving, because he doesn't think he needs anything from God.

Truth is the God of creation is the same as the God of transformation. May the fullness of completeness of God's love be in you this day that you might generously share it with others!


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