Everybody Knows That!

A reading for Wednesday, May 6, 2015: Luke 8:16-25.

Everybody knows that! There is an edge to the words of Jesus. A matter of fact style that almost seems sarcastic.

Of course nobody puts their lamp under a jar or under the bed. That would make it useless as a light for the room... Everybody knows that!

Some things aren't automatically so obvious, are they?

The world doesn't know how to do justice. Look around. Those that have will be given more, and those that don't will have even their little bit taken away... Everybody knows that!

The real relationships to count on are those of faith. Blood is simply not enough as a measure of faith... Everybody knows that!

Lastly, even the winds and the waves of chaos have to obey the Lord Jesus Christ. Your faith in him will save you...  Everybody knows that!

Or do they?


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