God and Wealth

A reading for Friday, May 29, 2015: Luke 16:10-17.

Where do you find hope? What sustains your life? What do you place your trust in?

Jesus said, "You cannot serve God and wealth." I take this simple statement and the explanation around it as an answer to the questions above. God promises to sustain us, and provide what we need. From the beginning, in the giving of the Ten Commandments, God reminds us to take sabbath because God has the power to create, to redeem, to sustain, and to transform. So we do not need to labor on the seventh day, because God has enough power to sustain us. It's not all up to us...

The problem with wealth is that sometimes it's a counter message to the power of God to sustain. Our bank account, our purchasing power, our 401k, are all blessings provided they do not replace God as the one we truly put our trust in.

Truth is we have to be good stewards of the resources God provides and what we do with our wealth matters in the Kingdom of Heaven. It's also important that we not forget what truly sustains us.

"Our help is in the Lord, the creator of heaven and earth." (Psalm 121:2)


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