The Generosity of the Sower

A reading for Monday, July 20, 2015: Mark 4:1-20.

When so many are gathering around to hear Jesus, it's easy to wonder why more do not follow him. There are some who travel with him, and work alongside, to bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. But many will hear the teaching of Jesus from the boat that day, and then return to their homes unchanged?

So Jesus tells a parable about the sower. The seed is spread around almost carelessly. It is available for everyone. The sower is not particular or even logical about where the seed falls. It falls on the path, on rocky soil, and some on good, fertile ground. For us seed is valuable. For those listening it was hard to come by. Why would the sower be so careless?

Because this story is about the generosity of the sower, who throws it around everywhere. God is the sower and God's abundance is everywhere, falling in every place, even in places where it is not logical or practical. There are other reasons why the seed doesn't grow, and we see those reasons in the parable. But make no mistake about it... It's not the intention of the sower that everyone not bring forth grain, multiply and be fruitful. Out of abundance, the sower has thrown the seeds of the Kingdom everywhere. The Kingdom of God has drawn near...


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