Dialogue Is Talking and Listening

A reading for Tuesday, August 4, 2015: Mark 8:22-33.

There was always dialogue with Jesus, give and take, back and forth. Our perception is that Jesus spoke and people listened. However, notice how often in the gospels Jesus asks questions when he heals, and teaches and even preaches. He seems to want interaction with people first and foremost.

The man who is blind is brought to Jesus. He spits to make mud and places that mud on the man's eyes. “Can you see anything?” says Jesus. Surely Jesus could have healed his eyes all at once, but there is something about the exchange between the man and Jesus. Jesus wants interaction with the man.

Then the disciples. Again we see Jesus asking questions.  “Who do people say that I am?” he says. The disciples and Peter respond with their answers. There is dialogue, give and take, back and forth.

Even in the last example in our lesson today, Jesus proclaims his betrayal and death. And "Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him." Those that followed Jesus learned the lesson well. Jesus wants dialogue, give and take, back and forth. How else can we explain that Peter would "rebuke" the Lord Jesus, especially when he has just proclaimed Jesus as Messiah.

It's no different today for us. Jesus wants dialogue, give and take, back and forth. Our prayers are not meant to be all talking, so that God might listen. We too listen, and talk, then talk and listen. Our relationship with God through Jesus Christ is meant to be just that, a relationship. God wants interaction with us first and foremost.

Talk to God. God is listening...

Listen to God. God is still talking...


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