Letting Ourselves Down

A reading for Friday, August 28, 2015: Mark 14:27-42.

Even friendships and our most important relationships can let us down... That's hard truth to be sure.

Jesus lived and worked with Peter, James and John for three years. They each had watched as he performed miracles. They heard his teaching. They knew, more than any other human beings on earth, who he was and what he came to do. They loved him and he loved them. And yet they failed him... They could not stay awake even for one hour when Jesus needed them most.

Yet, even in the midst of this failure of failures with the most important characters in the story of Jesus Christ, God was faithful. Jesus fulfilled the prophecy of Zechariah. God allowed the shepherd to be struck down even as the sheep were already scattering. Even as the disciples were proclaiming their faithfulness, they were falling away, just as Jesus was committing everything.

Again we are reminded just how faithful God is to us, even as we are unfaithful to God. The good news is that faith and life, goodness and peace, are not dependent on us. God is more faithful! We put our trust in ourselves, our friendships and our relationships at our peril. When all else lets us down, we can count on God. That's good news.

Thank you God for saving us, when we could not (or would not) save ourselves.


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