Peter's Weakness

A reading for Monday, August 31, 2015: Mark 14: 53-65.

Salvation in Jesus Christ comes not through strength and power, authority and control. Instead it comes through weakness and submission...

Consider the characters of the lesson today. The religious authorities of the age condemned Jesus with their power and their control. They were convinced that they were in charge and had the ability to destroy Jesus, to judge him as unworthy. While at the very same time, Peter quietly and even meekly dwelt in the courtyard outside. Peter had absolutely no power to do anything about the events that were taking place. Peter was weak and submissive.

Yet in the end, it is Peter who knows salvation. It is Peter upon whose name the church is built. It is Peter who dies to self, is forgiven by Jesus, and set apart as the first true authority of the church. Through Peter's weakness and even unfaithfulness, God acts for salvation. Perhaps this is not the traditional reading of this story, but consider Peter's weakness as the true faith of the lesson.


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