A Family That Prays Together...

A reading for Tuesday, September 22, 2015: Genesis 25:19-28.

In Abraham's family, they prayed to the Lord. When Rebekah was barren, Isaac prayed to the Lord and the Lord granted his prayer. When the twins struggled in her womb, Rebekah inquired of the Lord and the Lord God spoke to her. As we see the genealogy of Abraham's family beginning to spread into the generations, one thing is clear; this family believes in the presence of God with them. More than that, it seems that the Lord God believes in this family and is working to direct the blessings given to them as blessings for all the world.

What about us? Do we believe God is present with us in our family? When we come up against struggles to whom do we turn? Do we pray to the Lord? As a family do we believe the presence of God is with us and those we love?

One thing is sure right from the beginning of the Holy Scriptures. God believes in us!

In the story today, the struggles with Esau and Jacob were just beginning, but God was faithful and present directing it all. In our lives too, the struggles are certainly not over... and yet God is faithful still and promises to be with us to the end of the age.


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