He Stood Alone

A reading for Tuesday, September 1, 2015: Mark 14:66-72.

Even as Jesus was summoning all his courage and strength to face a trial, conviction and a cross... Peter was denying even knowing Jesus. This same Peter, like the other disciples, who claimed he would stand faithfully by Jesus, never leaving his side no matter what.

Peter wept. He realized how far he had fallen from grace. Peter knew how unfaithful he had been, as he watched the faithfulness of Jesus. And more than that, at that exact moment, when the cock crowed he realized that Jesus already knew... and Jesus stood alone!

How good and faithful you truly are Lord Jesus, for you answer our weakness with your strength, our faithlessness with conviction, and our weeping with forgiveness. Like Peter, we don't deserve your grace, but we accept it as our only hope.

Thank you for saving us!


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