God of the Lions

A reading for Tuesday, October 13, 2015: Daniel 6:1-28.

The enemies of Daniel miscalculated when they made their plans to trap him and kill him. They were jealous at how well Daniel was considered by the king and the people of the kingdom. So they hatched a plan to have Daniel killed by the scariest thing they could imagine. Can anyone escape the lion? Yet, they didn't know the God of Daniel...

The God of Daniel has power over all things, even lions. Nothing in all of creation is out of the control of God. Nothing! Even the king realizes the power of God in the end and his new decree is that all in the kingdom will worship the God of Daniel. God rules all!

The good news for us in this story is that this God of Daniel is our God too. Nothing is out of the control of our God. Nothing! Put your trust in the God, even of the lions. Our God rules over all of creation!


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