Passion and Preparation from Guatemala

A reading for Wednesday, October 7, 2015: Exodus 6:1-13; 7:14-25.

In reading Mission Coworkers Richard and Debbie Welch's Guatemala Panorama this month, next to the scripture lesson for today from Exodus, it occurred to me that long before Joshua faced a leadership challenge after Moses as the article notes, Moses himself was challenged in a very similar way.

Preparation and passion is how Jorge described the leadership challenges faced by our sisters and brothers in Guatemala as they lead their faith communities. Theological education, resources, time, and history are described as preparation. The willingness to be challenged, even face risks, in order to lead others in faith in Jesus Christ is the passion. These are our challenges as well.

Moses knew God as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He had been given a staff that worked God's wonders. Moses had preparation. He was the chosen leader to bring freedom to the Israelites. Even though it doesn't seem like it sometimes, Moses had the passion to lead too. How else could he have endured when even his own people wouldn't listen to him?

God offers us the same opportunity to lead others to faith and life in Jesus Christ. We have been prepared with a rich history of saints that have come before us. We enjoy unprecedented in world history resources. We are the most educated people that have ever lived. Our challenge, as Richard and Debbie Welch point out, is to reignite our passion for leadership and even for following Jesus Christ to all the places where God calls us to go...

Joshua was like Moses in leading the people across the river Jordan and into a dangerous land. Moses was like Abraham in listening to where God was calling him to go. We are like them both too, and also our brothers and sisters in the Guatemalan church and beyond. Where is God calling us to go and what are we to do this day in our journey together with God?


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