The Wisdom of Solomon's Father

A reading for Wednesday, October 28, 2015: 1 Kings 2:1-4.

As we prepare to celebrate All Saint's Sunday this week, the time when we honor all those that have come before us in the faith, perhaps we take a moment to hear from them once again.

In the scripture today, King David shared one more lesson in leadership with his son Solomon. Keep God in the center of everything you do he said. Don't stray from the path like I did. If you keep God and God's ways for your life in control, the promises of those ways for life will come true. You will be blessed!

Perhaps the greatest blessings of those that come before us, along with their success, are to be found in what they learned from mistakes. At the beginning of David's reign, he was focused on being the kind of servant God honored. In the middle, he strayed away and in the process lost a great deal. In the end, it's good to hear that David has returned to faithfulness and wisdom once more before he died.

If we can hear not only the successes of our ancestors in faith, but also what they learned from mistakes...

If we too can continue to place God in the center of our lives as they did when they were faithful...

If we can embrace the promises of God for the people of God...

Then we too will be blessed!


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