God Is the Potter

A reading for Thursday, November 19, 2015: Isaiah 64:8-9.

Faith is not a destination, but a journey. Not a finished product, but one in which we are always being molded and shaped. The image of the potter from Isaiah is powerful and true...

God is the potter. God is not the painter of the vessel, only putting surface beauty on the finished and fired pot. God is not the purveyor of pots in the marketplace, selling perfected religious goods to others. God is not the shipper of finished pots to a world in need of decorations.

Our God is the potter, the one who works us each and every day more and more into the image that God chooses for us and for our lives. The good news, as we are the clay, is that we can feel the hands of the potter around us, moving through us and shaping us along the journey to becoming something God chooses. Perhaps we can even hear the approving utterances of the potter... "That looks good" or "A little more over there."

God is the potter. We are the clay. Thanks be to God!


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