Our God of Harvest

A reading for Tuesday, November 17, 2015: Deuteronomy 32:9-14.

When our culture was more connected to agriculture and the bounty of the land, perhaps we were more connected to God's provision. When a farmer closes the gate on a full corn crib, that farmer understands that his hard work and God's provision is what filled what is needed to feed his animals for the winter. Full baskets on the truck driving the lane from the apple orchard represent a blessing in each bouncing red portion. The taste of honeycomb sweetness drizzling on our shoes reminds us of how overly gracious our God has been with us in sustaining us for another day, another season and another year. Perhaps it was easier to connect the dots when we lived closer to the land.

In the same way the Deuteronomist reminds of how God sustained Jacob and the tribes of Israel. In equally picturesque images, we come to know again how good God has been and continues to be. Like a shield in the wilderness, an eagle feeding her brood, and the abundance of freshly picked produce. God has been faithful in the past to our ancestors. Remember this is who God is...

This is the season of thanks. It's the perfect time to pause and reflect on how much God has offered each of us in provision. Because God has done this before, says the Bible, we can count on God's provision for the future. There will be another season of planting and harvest, another time of abundance. God will be faithful because that's the character and nature of God.

Thanks be to our God of harvest!


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