We Are What We Love

A reading for Tuesday, November 10, 2015: Matthew 6:19-34.

The fifth century African Bishop Augustine taught about Christian love. He wrote about two cities. “Two cities are created by two loves.”

In one city, we witness the power of empire which is controlled by force, wealth, and power. Augustine lived at a time when the Roman Empire was coming apart, and it was easy to see its indulgences.

In the other city, which Augustine called the city of God, we witness the love of God. This city is the exhibition of the Kingdom of God on earth. It's highest value is love, given by the grace of God through Jesus Christ. This city is in direct contrast to the other.

For Augustine, "we are what we love."

Jesus taught the same in our lesson today. If we love wealth more than we love God, we are controlled by wealth. If we love darkness more than light, darkness becomes our reality. If we love worry more than dependence on God, we will be consumed by our worry.

It sounds like a overly simplistic way to live, and yet it has been part of the Christian story since the beginning. We are what we love. Love God and witness to the Kingdom, or love something else more and witness to the power of that other something.

Love or money. Worry or righteousness. There are two cities... We are what we love!


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