Inhabiting Righteousness

A reading for Wednesday, January 27, 2016: Mark 7:1-14.

Isaiah wrote, "For when your judgements are in the earth, the inhabitants of the world learn righteousness."

The purpose of the law was and is to inhabit the world with God's righteousness. Sometimes we think the law to be outdated, or fulfilled in the way that Christians are no longer bound by. Perhaps it's because of practices like Jesus cites in today's lesson. Where the observance of the law has lost it's meaning and it's path to righteousness. It becomes meaningless ritual at best and harsh doctrine at worst.

Over and over again Jesus offers an alternative...

Today we talk about spiritual practices or church programming designed to connect people to God in a significant and profound way. But these too can suffer the same fate of the law in many people's minds. They are not God given in the same way, but might be just as meaningless and harsh to the world around us.

Perhaps Jesus calls us to examine all such ways of "inhabiting righteousness" in order to be sure they are truly engaging with what God is doing in the world around us.


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