Never Alone

A reading for Wednesday, January 6, 2015: Judges 6:11-18.

Yesterday I wrote, " if God is calling then God promises to go with us." Today Gideon asks, "But sir, if the Lord is with us, why then has all this happened to us?" It's a fair question.

Perhaps we get tripped up with our own expectations and our definition of success. God with us doesn't mean we get everything we want, or never suffer, or don't have to serve those we don't like or that scare us. God with us means just that... when we go out in the name of the Lord, the Lord goes with us on our left and on our right, above us and beneath us. We are never alone.

Gideon would come to do amazing things that nobody, including Gideon himself, expected he had the ability to do. The calling of God enables others to do the same. The presence of the Lord is with us so that in all we face, simply... we do not go alone.


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