Godliness and Contentment

A reading for Tuesday, February 16, 2016: 1 Timothy 6:3-10.

Godliness and contentment; these are the essentials according to Paul writing to Timothy...

Godliness, meaning to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. To obey the ways of God and to live a faithful life, attempting to be the witness to Christ for the world to see. Godliness is not for us, but is meant to demonstrate the presence of God in the world around us...

Contentment, meaning being satisfied with what we have understanding that it comes from God. Whether what we have is a little or a lot doesn't matter. The point is to be satisfied and happy with whatever it is. (Of course this goes against every cultural norm of our age, and perhaps contentment is even harder than godliness for us, living in the "never satisfied" economy.)

Both godliness and contentment are intended to demonstrate that we are part of God's mission to the world. Our way of life is grounded in Christ, and that way of life produces a sense of peace and contentment. Do you live with both?

Of course a problem arises when we have one without the other. Godliness without contentment is a frustrated, self-righteous "finger-pointer" at everybody and everything. While contentment without Godliness is simply cheap grace, with no real substance for witness or goodness.

Paul was right... it takes both Godliness and contentment to live fully the Christian life. May we continue to strive for both today!


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