Debate and Compromise

A reading for Wednesday, March 2, 2016: Matthew 21:23-27.

Honest debate and compromise requires that all the participants be willing to share what they believe. Even if our answer is different and requires self-examination...

The religious leaders would not answer Jesus' question honestly. They were playing games, trying to figure out the best answer that would achieve their own ends. Jesus refused to enter into the debate with them, because they themselves had already refused honest debate and compromise by not answering.

We live in a time and in a culture where honest debate and compromise is scarce. Many of our leaders refuse to answer questions for fear that their answer will prevent them from achieving their own ends. Yet, without a basis of belief to work from, self-examination and finding a solution to many of the problems that face us seems impossible. It's certainly okay to change one's mind about something important based on life experience or new information, or to convince the other person to change theirs, but if we don't have a starting place such a change means nothing.

It takes courage to stake a claim on a question, even if our answer is different from others. However, only when we enter into the debate with honesty and examine our own hearts in search of compromise can we truly find the right answer.


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