God Saves Us!

A reading for Wednesday, March 30, 2016: Exodus 13:17-14:30.

"Thus the Lord saved Israel that day..." This story from Exodus about the parting of Red Sea is the foundational story of our faith. Most scholars believe that this is the exact moment in history in which Judaism (which becomes Christianity) was born. The Mighty Act of God, to quote a book many of our older generation know from their youth, that ignited the belief that our God is a God who saves us.

Over and over again throughout history from that moment until today we still believe God saves us. From everything and anything that afflicts us or oppresses, God saves us. From those things that threaten to drag us under to death, God saves us. From the fear of walking into the future that is filled with hope, God saves us. Over and over again, the foundational story of our faith gets lived... God saves us!


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