Returning Home

A reading for Friday, May 6, 2016: Luke 15:11-32.

The key to forgiveness is first to forgive ourselves for the ways we have contributed to the division we find ourselves in the midst of. So we can return home...

The prodigal son first had to realize his own need for forgiveness. He had to be humbled in order to be driven back home to his father. He came home expecting nothing as a wayward sinner in need of forgiveness. Imagine his shock and surprise when he discovered that forgiveness was realized in his father and the others. This is new life!

We too are in need of forgiveness of self and forgiveness from others. We too have been part of the problem. We have contributed to the problem of fracture and division. Isn't it time we return home too?

The Father already has his eyes on the horizon awaiting our coming...


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