A reading for Friday, May 27, 2016: Acts 19:21-41.

Paul never intended for his teaching to turn into a riot in Ephesus. He proclaimed what he believed to be the truth, and that truth was a challenge to the economic welfare of some in the city. The artisans that were dependent on selling silver statues were upset with the loss to their livelihood. Things were changing and the reaction to that change was a riot.

It's sad to see that rioting is still part of the human condition all these centuries later. It doesn't matter the cause, rioting is never the answer. People get hurt. Property gets damaged. There is no reconciliation between sides when all we can do is yell at each other and break things.

In the story of Ephesus, Alexander the town clerk, is able to quiet the crowd and bring peace. We pray and give thanks for all in our society today who have the same will for peace and the same power.


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