Slow Water

A reading for Wednesday, May 18, 2016: Genesis 8:1-5.

"At the end of one hundred fifty days the waters had abated..." Sometimes it takes a long time to fully realize the blessing of God's Spirit. God could have cleared the waters of the flood quickly and with great miraculous force, but God chose for the waters to abate slowly over time. All the while the image of the Spirit sweeping across those waters just as in the beginning of all things.

The point seems to be that God was present and God was also working when perhaps it appeared that nothing much was happening at all. If you had been on the arc watching the waters recede with great anticipation, I imagine you would barely have been able to see a daily change. Yet, things were changing and God's will was moving towards the end that God intended.

Sometimes it might seem to us as if we pray and pray, we hope and we work hard to see the world change, but nothing much at all is happening. At such times we might imagine the Spirit of God sweeping across the waters of our chaos and disorder, all the while moving things to the end that God intends. Things are changing and God's will is moving. It might be happening slowly and almost without notice, but God is present and God is working.

Someday we will look back, or perhaps even our children will look back, and be able to see what God was doing all along.


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