Set Out Anyway!

A reading for Thursday, September 29, 2016: Exodus 4:1-17.

Being called by God does not mean we do not have fears and anxiety about our calling. Look again at the story of Moses. He spoke face to face with God. Moses witnessed his staff turning to a snake and back again. God performed miracles on his hand to illustrate God's power. Don't forget, Moses had already seen the bush that burns but isn't consumed. Yet even after all this Moses answers, “O my Lord, please send someone else.” Even after all he had experienced with God, Moses was still filled with anxiety and fear.

What hope do we have? We have not seen such things. When the call of God comes upon us, how will we respond without such proof of God's amazing power?

It's likely that Moses had to begin to walk with God, even in the midst of fear and anxiety, in order to discern that God would be with him. There was not perfect peace from the beginning. We too must act our way into new thinking, rather than think our way into new action. The first step in dealing with our fear and our anxiety about our call or opportunity for new ministry is to obey God and to set out on the journey. If we wait until we understand completely and have no fears or anxiety, we will never set out...

‘Come to the edge’,
He said. They said,
‘we are afraid’.
‘Come to the edge’,
He said. They came.
He pushed them, and
they flew.

Guillaume Apollinaire


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