The Call Narrative

A reading for Wednesday, September 28, 2016: Exodus 3:1-12.

The story of Moses sets up a dynamic that will play over and over again in all of scripture and beyond. It's the call narrative...

A person is minding their own business, perhaps even trying to hide from a past or a history. Suddenly God appears and such a person notices something strange or different in their lives. God uses the moment to send them someplace or to some people with a story of hope, or God's power to deliver them from whatever ails or oppresses them. The person being called often does not want to go, and yet finds strength and courage in the knowledge that God goes along accompanying them on the journey. God's mission is accomplished!

This is not just the story of pastors, preachers, or priests. Oh no! This is the story of how your life fits into the story of what God is doing in the world. The call narrative is the story of every disciple of Jesus, sent to others in the name of Christ, with God accompanying them on the journey. And God's mission is accomplished...


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