Call Waiting

A reading for Monday, October 17, 2016: 1 Samuel 3:1-18.

We need not worry that our call from God will go unanswered, or that we will somehow miss it when it comes. Notice how many times God called Samuel, and perhaps would have continued as long as it took for him to answer. If God wants us to serve, God knows how to get our attention.

George MacDonald wrote:

What God may hereafter require of you,
you must not give yourself the least trouble about.

Everything He gives you to do,
you must do as well as ever you can.

That is the best possible preparation
for what He may want you to do next.

If people would but do what they have to do,
they would always find themselves ready for what came next.

Listen for God's voice in your life today, and when it comes you already know the answer... "Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening!" Thank you God for calling us to participate in your mission as many times as it takes.


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