Never Give Up!

A reading for Friday, October 28, 2016: 1 Kings 12:1-15.

Sometimes things don't go as we would hope. For generations after, God's people would read this story of Rehoboam that is our lesson today with disappointment and frustration. If only the king had listened and had lightened the yolk of his people... If only the king had not alienated his people into separating yet again from a united nation of Israel... Sometimes things don't go as we would hope.

The good news is that God is ever present even in such moments. God can use even what is intended as evil for good. God can make a way, a path, and a future for truth and righteousness. That's the hope we can hold on to. Don't give up even when it seems everything is falling apart. We just never know what God is doing with even the disappointing and frustrating moments of our lives.

What happens next in the story of God and God's people is nothing less than the salvation of the world. Who could see that coming? Never give up!


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