A reading for Tuesday, October 4, 2016: Exodus 14:5-25.

The Egyptians are angry and filled with emotion. The Israelites are afraid, and also filled with emotion. The whole scene of Pharaoh chasing down God's people in the wilderness has a feeling of panic. Even in the midst of the good news that God has delivered God's people, all is not yet the happy ending such a story might demand.

Moses seems unflappable. He calmly continues to lead the people, even in the face of the greatest military threat of the ancient world. All of Pharaoh's army of chariots and soldiers are closing in fast. Moses does not panic...

Moses has placed his trust completely in God's power to save. He seems to believe, against all evidence to the contrary and all the emotions, that God will deliver them. He is the definition of non-anxious presence.

It's easier said than done to be sure, but what if we could trust God like that? We too live in an age of great emotion. There is fear. Many are angry. We know the good news of God, but wonder about our happy ending too. Can God really save us?

Truth is God still has the power to save us, and still fights for blessings and peace in our world. We may not be as unflappable as Moses, but we can set our hearts and our minds on God's power to save. That should help when everyone else starts to panic.


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