The Courage to Ask

A reading for Tuesday, January 24, 2017: Luke 5:12-16.

Notice the courage it takes for the man with leprosy to step out from the crowd and ask for healing. In the ancient world, lepers were intentionally invisible. Lepers lived outside of community. They were forced to cry out "unclean" whenever they passed by another person on the roadway. They were outcasts in every sense of the word. Yet, this leper has the courage to ask for healing...

What about us? Do we have the courage to ask for healing? Are we even able to admit we need healing? Healing is a word that doesn't just indicate physical ailments (though it might), but also means a cure for the condition of our hearts or our souls. It takes courage to step from the crowd in search of new life, a new sense of priorities, and a new hope in Christ. Do we have the courage to ask for healing?

The story is clear. When asked whether or not Jesus chooses to heal, he responds with “I do choose. Be made clean.” The courage to ask is the first step, and the grace and compassion of our Lord is what transforms our lives. Thanks be to God.


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