Now the Parable

A reading for Wednesday, February 15, 2017: Luke 8:11-15.

The gift from the Christian community to the world is found in our ability to translate God's ways for life and God's love for others that they might understand a different way than what they know.

A way not dominated by power and greed and force. It's not a love of fame and fortune. It's not a life that must be hoarded or secured against the best interests of others.

The life of Christ we offer is a way of obedience, and love towards the best interest of others.

We translate an always new and yet ancient reality that God will never leave us or forsake us, but has promised to work for the transformation of our world, this world, into abundance and wholeness for all. Christians believe in such a peace so much that we labor daily "with patient endurance." Our lives and our service to Christ will not be wasted.

"Now the parable is this:" Our only hope is found in the way and love of Jesus Christ!


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