God Of The Living!

A reading for Friday, April 7, 2017: Luke 20:27-40.

Now it's the Sadducees who take their turn at Jesus, wanting to justify their theological position. The world of Judaism in the first century was as divided as our world is today. There were factions of differences, each wanting to be right versus all the others.

So they concoct a question, that is once again designed to trap Jesus. Not because they genuinely wanted the answer from Jesus, but in order to test whether Jesus could be who he said he was. If he agreed with them, he was. If not, then he wasn't and they would be justified in ignoring him or worse...

But again, Jesus confounds their plans. Jesus says, "God not of the dead, but of the living." Not even the Sadducees could argue with that. Of course, the resurrection is about life everlasting from a God who is everlasting life. The question is too small, says Jesus, about a God who is so large and abundant with us.

What about us? What are our questions of Jesus? Are they too small? Is our wonder about the God of Holy Week to justify what we already believe, or are we open to the transformative power of Jesus Christ to mold and shape our lives into what they were designed to be?

Welcome to Jerusalem Jesus. We have been waiting for you. We are alive because of you. May your grace again transform our lives. Peace!


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